Tuesday, April 02, 1996

US Virgin Islands 

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines 


New Main Street Mall

Remember last week with the main street mall? Well, the governor met with all the concerned parties last week and they came to some decisions. We are going to have a mall every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for the near future. Public Works is going to keep the main street clean at all times. Taxi parking spaces will be enforced and there will be parking spaces marked off for Sunday church parking. And a tourism hospitality lounge is going to be opened with restrooms for visitors. New benches are coming too.

New Rules for Police

Police Commissioner Ramon Davila announced new police department rules to help curb domestic violence. The police will now arrest the accused at the site of violence and detain them immediately. In related news, the Police Commissioner and Attorney General Julio Brady announced the formation of a Response Team for Homicides and Major Violent crimes. Under the new program, a prosecutor will become involved with the investigation at its inception. The idea is to speed up apprenhention of criminals. The Commissioner pointed to the rapid apprenhension of the man who raped a 5 year old girl as evidence of what the new program can accomplish.

Potter – Status Bill is Law

Senator Potter thanked the governor for signing into law the office of status education. He noted that Puerto Rico is embroiled in a status referendum right now and we might suddenly find our status changed as well. We must be up to date on the topic. The new office of status education is charged with conducting research on status and educating the public about our status. For this the legislasture appropriated $150,000 dollars.

Committee Meetings

The Senate committee on Health and Gov Operations is meeting today to consider why the GERS Board has not acted on the Early retirement act of 1994. They are also inquiring into the integrity of the GERS funds.
FEMA Tarp Replacement

Are you still under the shelter of a FEMA tarp. Is it beginning to look a little tired around the fringes? FEMA can replaced your tarp. Is St. Thomas call DPW at 776-4844


  • Checking the calendar: 
  • St. John Lions are meeting at 6 PM @ Fred’s Restaurant. 
  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority is meeting at 6 PM at the Community Health waiting room.
  • Delta Wilson is calling all carnival queens past and present tpo join the Parade of the Queens on May 12. Call her at 774-3453
  • Elskoe Troupe has a meeting Wednesday evening at 5:30 at Windward Passage Hotel. 
  • You are planning your Saturday Food Sale Call Lisa at WSTA.

Travel Agents Hear About Us

Finally this, in the month of April, travel agents all over America will be hearing informational seminars called Virgin Islands Callings. The first takes place in Florida April 15th with a breakfast seminar in Jacksonville and a dinner seminar in Orlando. The programs will continue all over America until October. That’s our Department of Tourism making good news.