Monday, April 29th, 1996

US Virgin Islands 

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines 


Our big government loan is almost here.

The loan from the US Government to the Virgin Islands government to help cover the revenue losses due to the storm is one step closer to reality. The budget item remained intact in the latest budget passed by the Congress and the President signed it into law. Now we have to verify the losses and seek the funds from FEMA. The governor says that the top priority is to make payroll, then pay all the vendors. There is a press conference at 10 AM this morning where the governor will speak to this issue.

$300,000 for jobs

It was on the Associated Press wire service that the Virgin Islands is receiving $300,000 for the summer jobs program.

Farmers Leases

The senate is meeting in Estate Bordeaux today to investigate the claims of the farmers in that area. They are going to see what can be done about the farmers leases.

Carnival without Incident

A successful Carnival. The Police note that they had virtually no incidents in carnival village. It was, on the whole, peaceful, calm and lots of fun without unpleasantness. Don’t miss the photo section in today’s Daily News.

Police get help

Some retired police officers have come forward offering to aid the active police, improve record keeping and communications. The retired officers are going to volunteer their time to help the active police do their jobs better.

Aid for Montserrat

The Governor has called for volunteers to aid Montserrat. Roosevelt David is setting up a campaign center at the USO building on the waterfront starting this morning. If you have donations for Montserrat go to the USO building. Also from Montserrat, the volcano was relatively calm over the weekend.

United Way

Mrs Anita Davila is calling for the St. Croix community to come forward with contributions for the United Way. The United Way has 37,000 toward its goal of 200,000. There is a pressing need for more contributors.

Immunization Week Redux

Finally this: Last week was immunization week, but we were too deep in carnival to notice. So this is a call to all grandparents. Your son or daughter is probably too busy to take care of this. Grandparents, you are the ones. Make appointments to have the babies immunizations brought up to date. If you do this your grandchildren will be healthier and happier. Make a point this week to check out the immunization program.