Monday, April 01, 1996

US Virgin Islands 

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines 


New Rules on Domestic Violence

At a meeting of the Women’s Resource Center, Police Commissioner Davila announced that there were new rules in the police department that would help curb domestic violence. The foremost is that police will arrest the accused at the site of violence and detain them immediately. Davila said, “This community has recognized that addressing the problem of violence against women requires a chorus, a joining of efforts, a common goal and a coherent message.

Teach Our Sons!

At the same time, new awareness of child care is getting a start in the community. At a conference over the weekend, Carol Henneman of the Department of Education stressed that we need to revise the way we teach our sons. She described one school where all the advanced students are girls, while the special education class is all boys. “We are not getting the message to our sons that education really matters.” Others stressed the importance of getting children involved with information technology and computers as necessary skills for the 21st century.

Sigma Gamma Rho

It seems just in time, there is a new sorority developing here. Sigma Gamma Rho was chartered on the campus of UVI on Saturday with stated goals of enhancing the quality of life, public service, leadership development, and education of the youth. The sorority has 72,000 members nationwide with over 400 chapters. Two visitors from the states, Mrs. Corine Green and Mrs Adah Hull were here to help set up the local chapter.

End of Armed Forces TV

The emergency contract between WTJX and Armed Forces Radio and Television is over. Starting today WTJX is doing all of their own programming from now on. It is another sign of the coming to an end of the recovery process.

Transfer Day

Today is Transfer Day, the celebration of yesterday’s Event. Most schools are closed, the banks are open. All federal government offices are open. The Governor devoted much of his speech at Sunday’s ceremony to thanking the United States of America for its assistance following the recent storms. He noted that the Virgin Islands would have been hungry and thirsty had it not been for aid from America. Finally, the last Danish property in the VI – the consulate building – will be transferred to the Virgin Islands government next month.

Can Collection

Have you been saving aluminum soda cans since the storm? The Anti-liter commission is resuming can collection. Saturday’s collection produced a mountain of aluminum cans in the Ft Christian parking lot. We’ll keep you posted when there is another collection.

Senate Calypso Tent

Senator Potter called to remind everyone that the senators calypso tent was postponed in the wake of the recent death of Senator Bryan’s son. The Calypso tent will be rescheduled for Sunday night April the 7th at CAHS at 9 PM

Library Internet Computer

Judy Shimel filed a report from St. John to announce that the Elaine Sprauve Library had opened a public access Internet computer. The public is welcome to register at the library for the internet and use the computer during normal library hours. Now you can go visit the web site of the day at the Elaine Sprauve Library on St. John.

Checking the calendar:

  • St. John Lions are meeting at 6 PM Tuesday @ Fred’s Restaurant. 
  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority is meeting Tuesday April 2 at 6 PM at the Community Health waiting room.