Friday, April 19th, 1996

US Virgin Islands 

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines 


Todays Weather: 90% Chance of Sunshine, Temperature in the upper 80’s. Winds 5 to 10 knots out of the East, North-East. Same as yesterday…

Imaginations Brass is the Brass Band of the Year.

At the Heineken Beer Brass-O-Rama It started with six bands but three dropped out before the competition. Imaginations Brass took the evening with their strong performance. This is the 7th win in 12 years of competiting.

Queen Error – Elskoe Wins

Lets get the story right – there was no recount. The tabulator wrote 105 instead of 150 when transferring the adding machine figures to the final report. It was a tabulation error. The Queen of the Band contest won based on the votes. Elskoe Troups took Queen of the Band, too.


More Carnival news – Thunder over Charlotte Amalie is scheduled for Saturday the 27th at 9 PM. With over 2,500 fireworks shells. Zambelli International fireworks company is shooting off 2,500 fireworks shells from the deck of the Lady Romney in Charlotte Amalie Harbor.

INS Crack Down

INS is hiring 5,000 new agents nationwide and there is a crack down happening on illegal aliens. Several local businesses have been fined for hiring illegals, notable: Weeks Bakers, Taste of Italy, Hyatt regency, K-Mart and Wendys and St. Thomas Gas.

New Scholarship for Teachers

The Rules Commitee also approves the Kenneth Harrigan Scholarship to encourage more men to enter teaching. The scholarship awards $3500 per semister to a man studying in any field except phys ed leading to a teaching carear.

Mega Youth Festival

The Black Entertainment Television Network is sending in a video crew to record the education componment of the Mega Youth Festival. The Festival still needs volunteer organizers. Call 774-0880 for Senator Petrus.


  • St. John potable water will be shut off this week so WAPA to clean the standpipe. 
  • The Nevis Benoevolent Society of St. Thomas is holding a monthly meeting at Hair-So-New Beauty Parlor at 7PM 776-7979. 
  • You are also attending the Christ Church Methodist Church in Market Square on Sunday at 6AM 
  • Addelita Cancaryn Junior High School Band boosters meeting at the library for the spring concert food sale and cake sale. That’s at 5:30 
  • Frederick Evangelical Lutheran Church invites you to a learning experience “Rooted in the Gospel” that’s at St Andrews Parish Hall at 6 PM 
  • continuing Saturday at 8:30 Party Time Carnival Troupe is meeting at 6 PM at Wok Delight 75 Corners. Costume time.

Adopt A Spot – It’s Catching

We asked for companies to adopt an eyesore. Pueblo is going to adopt the large area east of the Pueblo shopping area. DPW will help Pueblo make it look fabulous. Now what spot can you adopt? Coka Cola called to announce that they are adopting the traffic island near the coke plant and Addelita Cancaryn Junior High School See, good news is contageous. .

We Must Be Recovering

We must be recovering. The Price Freeze is over. FEMA is getting smaller. The Nisky FEMA center will consolidate into the Tutu Mall office after Carnival. FEMA’s public Affairs office is closing. Some people think I work for FEMA. I am not a FEMA worker. I work for Addie and WSTA. I work for you. I plan to stay here doing your good news for you, cause its your good news