Wednesday, January 14, 1998

US Virgin Islands

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Caneel Bay and Union Agree

The management of Caneel Bay resort and The United Steelworkers Union representing the staff of the resort have come to an agreement. Senator Almando “Rocky” Liburd brought the parties together and nursed this agreement into reality. The staff will get a 5% increase in the first year and 4% for each of the following two years. Bell staff will get an extra $4 for each guest they serve, housekeepers will get an extra $2 per guest, but the hotel did not change its policy on the disbursement of the mandatory gratuity.

Today’s Photo: The World’s Largest Seed on Display in St. Croix

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 84 Degrees at 10 AM Skies: Sunny – Crystal Clear and Cloudless Chance of Showers: Slight : Water Temp: Last Night’s swim was astounding – so clear! Beach and Swimming Conditions: Perfect Sailing and Diving Conditions: World Class! Drinks: Ready

Public Services Commission met and Approved sale of St. Thomas Cable

The Public Services Commission met yesterday and approved the sale of St. Thomas Cable to a company owned by Jeffery Prosser upon the condition that St. Thomas Cable must complete its bankruptcy proceedings. The Commission did not unseat Walter Challenger from the top job as was widely discussed yesterday.

Senate Ready for Loan Talk

It was like cramming for a final exam as the Senate examines the terms of the Government loan to pay vendors and tax refunds. Senate President Lorraine Berry wants the details: which vendors? which tax refunds? She is also asking for details on the funds that will be used to secure the loans from the Internal revenue matching fund, the Transportation trust fund and the Caribbean Basic Initiative matching fund. The Governor says they have all the information they need. We’ll monitor the Senate session for you.

Responses to State of the Territory

The Democratic Party responded to the Governor’s address. They heard no plans to stop the deficit spending. The say the Governor should NOT have vetoed the two business acts since they would improve our business climate. And what happened to Casino development ask the Democrats.

Art for the President

You know when the President came there was a lot of gift exchanges. Governor Schneider gave the president an oil painting by Eric Winter and The Color of Joy gave the first family some local art too. Local artist David Franke sculpted a ceramic figure of an iguana holding a golf club that was just right for our golfing president. Corrine Van Renselaer also gave the first family a watercolor map of the Virgin Islands. Corrine Van Renselaer says this is a positive step promoting the work of local Virgin Islands artists.


Good news from the East End Lions Club, The raffle winners are in, 5th prize goes to Junior Dyett, 4th prize, $200 gift certificate from Raffi’s goes to Malcolm Morgan, 3rd prize is a round trip to St. Maarten and that goes to Frederick Warden, Eunice Duggins wins second prize, a 19″ color TV and first prize, a round trip to Miami goes to Anthony Frances.

Grants for Teachers

Teachers are encouraged to file grant applications. The Department of Education is informing us of several new grants available – Cisco systems has the virtual schoolhouse grants for networking products, the US Department of Education has grants for school based community learning centers. Kellogg Foundation is offering grants for prevention education and the NASDAQ Stock Market Foundation is giving grants for basic economics education. Check with the Department of Education.

Blues and Heritage Festival

The Third Annual St. Croix Blues and Heritage festival is coming up. The first concerts is January 15th at Fort Frederick with the Queen of the Blues Koko Taylor. The main concert is January 17th at Paul E. Joseph Stadium with Los Lobos, Charlie Musslewhite, Jimmy Thackery and Deborah Coleman. On Sunday the 18th there is more music with Blues in the Alley. For more information call 773-0878

Coming Up:

Lockhart PTA first meeting of the year at 5:30 PM – at the school. All parents guardians and teachers please come out We Savaneros will meet at 5:30 PM – at the Legislative Conference Room Ivanna Eudora Kean School Class of 1991 is meeting at Legislative Conference Room at 6:00 PM – The topic is reunions Federation of Teachers is holding a meeting at Palm Count of the Harbor View Hotel at 4:30 PM – for all building representatives.

History Conference Coming Up:

Society of Virgin Islands Historians is presenting its tenth annual Conference at the St. Croix Education Complex on January 17th at 8:30 AM -. Historical scholars will examine the issues relating to the emancipation in 1848.

Happy Anniversary!

And a Happy 50th anniversary to Erma and Kris Hansen who are visiting us today for their 50th anniversary. Go for 50 more.

Water Island Report

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