Thursday, January 29, 1998

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


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Sell the Hospital Debt – Pay the Union Debt

The Senate passed a bill in yesterday’s session that would allow the government to sell the debt owed to the hospital so long as half the proceeds go to the union arbitration fund for retroactive wages. They passed the limited liability partnership act so now the two business bills are on their way to the Governor for his consideration. They senate rejected an amendment that would have required all limited liability companies to hire 90% of their staff from the local labor pool. The senate also passed a revised version of Senator Petrus’ bill preventing medical doctors from charging fees up front. Dr. Schneider is expected to veto the measure.

Today’s Photo: Sorry, no photo today. I am overwhelmed by the mail regarding the photo of the day. So far all the complaints have made me reticent to publish any more photos. Everyone wants their island, their bay, their house. Sorry guys, it’s just me here and I don’t get to all those places in a normal week. Maybe I’ll publish photos when I have more of the places you have requested. In the meantime, no photos. Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets nothing

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 87 Degrees at 11 AM Skies: Partly Cloudy Chance of Showers: 30%: Water Temp: Perfect Beach and Swimming Conditions: Sooo Perfect Sailing and Diving Conditions: World Class! Drinks: Ready

Governor Schneider Nominates Dwain Ford to IDC

After failing to get his Industrial Development Commission nominee passed last month, Governor Schneider has a new nomination to head the Industrial Development Commission. Schneider has nominated St. Croix Real Estate broker Dwain Ford to head up the agency.

Dept. of Public Works Starting Road Work

This is good news for the pot hole weary drivers on St. Thomas Dept. of Public Works is about to embark on a 2.2 million dollar road project to resurface the road in Old Tutu, New Tutu, Donoe Road, Maud Proudfoot Drive, DeBeltjen Road and Yes, this is true – they are going to resurface Bolongo Bay road. Listen to WSTA for information on road closings, it will all be over in two months.

Welfare to Work News

The Dept of Labor has 2.3 million dollars in grants to implement the welfare to work program in the Virgin Islands. Community organizations are encouraged to apply for funds by March 10th. Guidelines are available in Dept of Labor offices in St. Thomas and St. Croix.

Recipients of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families are asked to come to a meeting at the Dept. of Labor on Thursday January 29th at 2:00 PM – for an individual assessment of your needs to help define the welfare to work program in the Virgin Islands.

The Year of the Ocean

Delegate Christian-Green is attending the NOAA press conference to kick off the Year of the Ocean. She was there for the Year of the Coral reef last year, now it is the Ocean’s turn to have a year and She says it is all about preserving the Oceans for our children and the future.

Mocko Jumbie Jamboree Big Thank You

A Big Thank You from the Mocko Jumbies Jamboree to Smith Bay Texaco for sponsoring Anya Richards. Nickolas John thanks Auto Perfection Window Tinting and Alarms, and Pollyberg Texaco gets a Big Thank You fort helping Jendai Richards

More Males Graduate

Liston Davis says the data is in and more males graduated from high School in the last school year than in the year before. In the school year 95-96 there were 937 graduates, 39 per cent were males. In the next school year, 96-97 there were 912 graduates and 42 percent were male. The Commissioner said there are 31 programs in the schools to address the needs of at-risk students and the programs are working.

Saturday to be Kick Off of Emancipation 150!

Saturday will be the first day of the Emancipation Commemoration. There’s a traditional Virgin Islands Breakfast in Emancipation Garden at 8:30 AM. Students from Addelita Cancaryn Junior High School and parents will march from Market Square to Emancipation Garden at 9 o’clock. There is a ceremony marking the beginning of this year’s emancipation celebration at 10 o’clock. On Sunday the Governor will kick off Emancipation year at Cruz Bay Bandstand at 4:30 PM –


Iota Phi Lambda Sorority will be holding a Gems of Excellence Academic Cotillion for high school juniors and seniors who have a B average or better. Contact your school councelor or senator Judy Gomez. At 693-3667 Muller School Good News – Urdley Smith Jr. wont he school’s Geography bee and moves on to the district and territorial geography bee competition. The Veterans Councilor is available to aid veterans on St. Thomas at Buccaneer Mall from 8:30 AM – to 2 o’clock and tomorrow on St. Croix at Estate Richmond Virgin Islands Port Authority Governing Board will meet at 2:00 PM – at the Port Authority Administration building.

Coming Up:

Lockhart PTA officers and committee chairs are holding a meeting at 5:30 PM – at the school in room 3001. Leonard Dober School PTA will hold the first meeting of the year at 5:30 PM – Jane E. Tuitt School will hold a PTA meeting at 5:30 PM – This is a very important meeting and all parents are urged to attend. 6:15 PM, the Zone A police command invites the public to a community meeting in the Roll Call Room at Zone A Command. Senator Holland Redfield’s Committee on Economic Development will hold hearings on St. Croix to consider legislation to create a Board of General Construction Contractors. Al McBean Little League will hold an important meeting at the Al McBean Ball Park. The Sprauve library has classes in the Internet this evening at the library .

Water Island Report

Now I have complaints that I am hiding the Water Island news with my tongue-in-cheek comments. Get real! There is no Water Island news. If there were real news from Water Island, I’d report it. I do this last item for fun. As a news person living on Water Island, I find it ironic that there is no news. If there is some, I promise to report it. With tongue out of cheek.

It’s your Good News! You tell us and we’ll tell everyone.