Monday, January 05, 1998

US Virgin Islands

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Good Bye Mr. President – Thanks for the Memories

The President has departed and all we have now are the memories. President Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Chelsea and first dog Buddy had four days in St. Thomas. The President got in a round of golf at Mahogany Run Golf Course and commented to onlookers that the course was in better shape than last year. The first family ate at Zorba’s again this year and they came to a gathering on Saturday evening at the Ritz Carlton with Governor Schneider and Delegate Christian-Green, the Alli Paul Mocko Jumbies and a crowd of local folks. Mrs. Clinton got a huge response when she said “We want to let the whole world know that the US Virgin Islands is open for business.” First Dog Buddy’s was the source of most of the national headlines. The dog’s first swim in Magen’s Bay was the big news of the President’s vacation. The Clintons left at around 2:30 on Sunday. They promised they would return and the next time they will come to St. Croix. Next time. Those are magic words. The Virgin Islands has had presidential visits before in history – a Truman here and a Johnson there, but never before have the Virgin Islands been the designated Presidential winter retreat. This is very good news. Maybe we could be the Camp David of the Caribbean.

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 81 Degrees at 9 AM Skies: Sunny, Occasional Cloud Chance of Showers: 40%: Water Temp: 79 – Burrrrr Winter! Beach and Swimming Conditions: Still Perfect Sailing and Diving Conditions: Presidential!! Drinks: Ready

Bond Renegotiation.

The Daily News is reporting that the government has entered into negotiations to refinance the government debt. While Government House is mum on he topic, the Daily News says the government is offering 250 million in new bond debt. The renegotiation of the old debt would save the government 10 million in interest payments per year and permit the government to borrow 100 million more.

Police are Back on St. Croix.

The Police Dept. sick out seems to be over. During the New Year’s weekend some shifts were 100% absent from work. Now the Police Benevolent Association says that almost all of the union member’s are back at work. Attorney General Julio Brady says that some officers were served with an injunction that sent them back to work. Here is a Big Thank You to the officers of the Virgin Islands Housing Authority, the US Marshals, the enforcement officers of DPNR and the National Guard troops who covered for our sick police officers. Aren’t we lucky St. Croix didn’t have some monstrous crime during the President’s visit – with the all the St. Croix police out sick.

Senate to Hold Hearings on Paiewonsky

The Senate Rules committee announced a hearing for January 8th when they will take up the nomination of Louis Paiewonsky to head the Industrial Development Commission. They are also going to consider the bill to trade real property for taxes and a bill to increase the bond ceiling for WAPA.

On the Calendar

The St. Croix festival is almost over with tonight and tomorrow left to go. The fireworks come up tomorrow for Three Kings Day and if you missed the parade, WTJX will re-broadcast the parade on Saturday January 10th at 6:00 PM St. Thomas Assembly of God invites you to a “Time of Refreshing” this evening through the 11th at 7:30 PM – nightly with special prayer meetings with Guest minister Charles Musunda of Zambia.

What’s Cooking At UVI?

What’s cooking at UVI? They are issuing a request for proposals for organizations to develop a program in Culinary Arts on the St. Croix campus. The university is looking for an institution to help them develop a school of culinary arts. Proposals are due January 20th at the St. Croix Campus. If you want to read the request for Proposals – call 340-693-1491.

Water Island Report

The President did not visit Water Island. Neither did Buddy, the first dog, or Hillary or Chelsea either. This is to be expected. There is nothing to see on Water Island other than a spectacular beach and private houses. Rental apartments and NO golf course or Greek restaurant. So, once again Water Island remains in total oblivion. We are the Brigadoon of paradise.

It’s your Good News! You tell us and we’ll tell everyone.