Friday, January 16, 1998

US Virgin Islands

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The Fire Truck is Here!

The Governor said he’d get a new fire fighting truck and here it comes. The fire truck is on island, it came over on the government barge, along with two new police cars. The fire truck is headed to the Bovoni Landfill to be ready for any fire that arises at the landfill. This is from the Port Authority and can pump foam, or sea water and it can make a big difference when there is another fire.

No Photo Today, Sorry – I’ll try for the new firetruck…

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 87 Degrees at 11 AM Skies: Sunny, Occasional Cloud Chance of Showers: Slight to 10%: Water Temp: Perfect Beach and Swimming Conditions: Perfect Sailing and Diving Conditions: World Class! Drinks: Ready

Estate Thomas to Get Road Work.

Monday will be the D-Day in Estate Thomas as the Dept. of Public Works will begin the next phase of the reconstruction of roads and drainage in Estate Thomas especially on Ninth and First streets. There are new sidewalks coming, curbs, gutters, utility enhancements, asphalt paving and other road improvements. There will be a neighborhood meeting Saturday at 9:00 AM – at the friends of Roy headquarters on 7th street to answer any questions you have.

Delegate Has an Open House today

The delegate has an open house today on St. John at her new office. The office is open this morning and everyone on St. John is welcome to come visit the delegate’s new office in the Legislative Complex on St. John.


Tonight on We the People, Andre’s Guest will be Fitzroy Williams the Chief of the Virgin Islands Housing Authority Police All Saints Cathedral’s is sponsoring a Walk-A-Thon beginning at 6 o’clock from the Cathedral to Nisky Center and back with fried fish, chicken, Johnny Cakes, drinks, games and old time stories at the Church.

Coming Up:

The Grand Opening of the Westin St. John is Saturday January 17th and there are a host of activities culminating in a short, sweet and very pleasant fireworks display. Residents of Great Cruz Bay are reminded that at 10 there will be fireworks for 5 to 7 minutes produced by the Grucci fireworks experts in conjunction with our own La Flame Productions. So enjoy the show.

New Grants Available

The delegate is informing the community that there are new grant funds available to organizations that are working to ease the transition from welfare to work. The 700 million in grants are available to fight dependency among welfare recipients. The new grants are available to a wide assortment of community organizations, colleges, community development organizations and more. Call Dept of Labor for more information

Teacher’s Grants

Teachers are encouraged to file grant applications. The Department of Education is informing us of several new grants available – Cisco systems has the virtual schoolhouse grants for networking products, the US Department of Education has grants for school based community learning centers. Kellogg Foundation is offering grants for prevention education and the NASDAQ Stock Market Foundation is giving grants for basic economics education. Check with the Department of Education.

Usie Richards to Help Found New Group.

Raymond “Usie” Richards is being called upon to help start up a new Association of Caribbean Electoral Organizations. The founding meeting will be held in March in San Juan Puerto Rico and groups are coming from Trinidad and Tobago, Surinam, Jamaica. The idea is to promote cooperation and mutual assistance among electoral organizations in the Caribbean

Governor Schneider says NO to Nuclear Waste

The Governor put out a statement today opposing the shipment of nuclear waste through the Anegada Passage. He says this is too hazardous and pointed to a wrecked barge in St. John as an example of what can happen even with the best of intentions.

US Customs Has Moved.

US Customs Sea Cargo Clearance Operation is relocating on January 20th to new offices in the same space as the IRB’s Excise Tax Division next to Tropical Sandfill. The phone number is 714-1600. The Customs marine and ferry operations will remain in the Blyden Marine Terminal.

Water Island Report

Still nothing, but check tomorrow. If there’s still nothing, leave me a note. I check back on Monday.

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