Tuesday, March 10, 1998

US Virgin Islands

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We Aren’t Collecting the Bills

The Inspector General audited the billing for sewerage fees. The report says the bills were not delivered in a timely basis and people got business licenses despite outstanding sewage bills. There is 3 million dollars in uncollected bills. In another audit, they found that Licensing and Consumer Affairs was generally effective in their fees and billing, but businesses licenses took an average of 30 days instead of the 7 days they are supposed to take.

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 80 Degrees at 2 PM Skies: Sunny, Cloudy Chance of Showers: Slight to 20%: Water Temp: Perfect Beach and Swimming Conditions: Wonderful Sailing and Diving Conditions: World Class! Drinks: Ready for You!

Team Caribbean Visiting Puerto Rico

Team Caribbean announced that they are going to tour Puerto Rico with their yacht Stars and Stripes to introduce the people and press to the America’s Cup Challenge. Our team is the first Caribbean involvement with the America’s Cup and the first ever from a US territory.

March is Vocational Technical Education Month

The Governor declared that March is vocational technical education month in the vi. This year, the national theme is Tech Prep and School to Work opportunities.

New Road Work

The Dept. of Public Works announced that they are going to do road work on St. John on route 102 from Pine Peace to Chocolate Hole from the fire station to Enighed Pond. The road will be closed, though access will be kept open. On St. Croix there is road work on Route 82 from Cramer’s Park to Point Udall and on the Molasses Port Road from Route 66 to Tropical Shipping. There will be additional work on the intersections on Route 66 and Route 60. To add loop detectors.

Half Million to Fight Violence Against Women

The delegate announced that the Virgin Islands has received a grant of $541,000 from the STOP program to train officers in how to stop violence against women. The programs coordinates the police with the victim advocate, prosecution and the courts to ensure victim safety.

Senate Meeting Today

The Senate is meeting today in a full session to consider the government health care insurance. They have several bills related to the health insurance. we’ll monitor the session for you.

Texaco Makes a Beautiful Addition to Subbase

It is easy to miss changes in the really beautiful areas of St. Thomas, but when a project in the industrial Subbase area is a beautiful addition to the area it really shows. Texaco has completed a project to make its terminal facility in Subbase a state of the art facility. The setting is beautiful, the planting is excellent and the facilities are all in compliance with EPA regulations. There is a grand opening on the 11th which is Wednesday at 4:00 PM

Constancy Wallace Photos on Display

There is a new art display on St. John at Mongoose Junction. The photos are the work of Constancy Wallace and feature the island of St. John. Her photos of Flamboyant Trees in Trunk Bay are staggering and the whole display is in The gallery called Bajo el Sol in Mongoose Junction.

This is Red Cross month.

This is Red Cross month. They have an infant CPR class on March 13th and again on the 28th. They are offering a first aid class March 14th There are lifeguard try-outs on March 15th, an introduction to disaster services on March 21st and Sports Safety class on March 21st. The spring blood drive is the week of March 22nd, and new Volunteer orientation is March 26th. The red Cross has an open house on March 28th.

HOVIC will come to Senate

Senator Burke says she is pleased that the senate will have a hand in the Hess Oil Company agreement. Burke says that the chemical clause may be reinstated in the agreement and this will cover the production of non-oil products like plastics and chemicals. She is hopeful that HOVIC will help rebuild the St. Croix economy with this new deal. The Governor held a meeting on Hess and the group heard how much Hess does for the St. Croix economy.

Rotary President Coming to St. Thomas

The President of the international Rotary club is coming to St. Thomas for the first time ever. On March 26 through the 29th Glenn Kinross will be visiting and meet with all of the Rotary clubs in St. Thomas

Housing Authority to Hold Maintenance Training

Virgin Islands Housing Authority is going to raise the level of quality in maintenance with the beginning of the technical maintenance training institute maintenance training program on St. Croix. This is part of the strategic plan which includes a strategy to develop a high performance work force. The multi-faceted curriculum will raise maintenance performance standards and improve the timely delivery of service.

Water Island Report

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