Thursday, March 19, 1998

US Virgin Islands

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Senate Says Semi-Autonomous Agencies Must Pay

The Senate passed the bill to stop funding the administrative costs of the Government Employees Retirement System. They also voted to require West Indies Company, the Water and Power authority and the Port Authority to make cash contributions to the government’s general fund. The passed Senator Hansen’s bill to permit spouses to be buried in veterans cemeteries with their spouse. The session was disrupted by Senator Bryan and the Senate President says she will move to censure Bryan if he continues to disrupt the Senate.

Today’s Photo: Welcome to Crown Bay Marina

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 84 Degrees at 2 PM Skies: Sunny Chance of Showers: Zero Water Temp: Perfect Whale Watch: 2 Whales spotted in Virgin Islands Waters Beach and Swimming Conditions: Perfect Sailing and Diving Conditions: World Class! Drinks: Ready for You!

Governor Seeks Help for Nazareth Residents

Governor Schneider announced that he is asking the Housing Authority to find new housing for the displaced residents of the temporary housing in Nazareth. The temporary housing is scheduled to come down and there remain families in the housing. The Governor wants an estimate of the cost of restoring all the homes that were damaged in Hurricane Marilyn.

Revisit Butler Bay

March 27th the Senate will hold hearings to hear about the state of the AT&T drilling site on Butler Bay St. Croix. There is 100,000 gallons of drilling mud to account for and the senators will also hear about the impact of the drilling mud on the conch, lobster and marine life.

Equal E-mail for All

Senator Liburd is asking that the senate computer systems be made equal for all. The St. Thomas offices of the Senate have Internet access and e-mail but the St. Croix offices lack the computer equipment to make e-mail available to the St. Croix Senators. Liburd also notes that the Internet gives senators access to research facilities and the ability to interact with their counterparts in the States. It is another testament to the power of this new technology that Senator Liburd wants everyone to have equal access.

Tutu Park Mall Has New Marketing Director

The management of Tutu Park Mall announced that they have hired Ms. Cathy Thomas as the new marketing manager. Ms. Thomas was formerly involved with marketing at CellularOne and has a background in advertising, public relations and sales. That’s Cathy Thomas making good news.

Mary’s Pilgrims Pause to Pray

There was a procession yesterday through downtown as 500 men and women marched in the annual Mary’s Pilgrimage from Emancipation Garden to Sts Peter and Paul Cathedral. They paused at various places to pray and recite the Hail Mary. Many of the pilgrims came to St. Thomas on cruise ships for the pilgrimage.

Governor Says Study Foreign Languages

Governor Schneider was the featured speaker at Ivanna Eudora Kean School and the topic was foreign languages. The Governor gave reasons why it is important to learn foreign languages and gave the students examples in Greek, Hindi, Danish, Hebrew and even in Chinese. He pointed out that you can’t understand other people if you don’t understand their language.

Berry Asks for Vendor Payments

Amid allegations that the vendor payments were not made from the 106 million dollar loan, Senate President Lorraine Berry Is asking the Finance Dept. to issue a list of all vendor payments that were made from the loan.

AT&T Announced One Rate

AT&T has announced a new phone rate for the Virgin Islands that will allow consumers to make direct dial long distance calls at a flat 15 cents per minute anytime anywhere in the United States.

Lottery Drawing on Friday

The staff of the lottery held a work stoppage yesterday over their pay raises and the drawing of lottery #465 was postponed to Friday of this week. Alec Dizon says all the NOPA have been signed and the raises are on the way.


Tonight at Carnival Committee Headquarters there is a meeting of all band leaders who are planning to participate in any of the musical events, Calypso Competition, Music Fest, Brass-o-rama and all the other musical events. That’s tonight at 6:00 PM at the Carnival Committee Headquarters Tonight is the first rehearsal of the Dove Award Winner Ron Kenoly backup singing choir at the St. Thomas Assembley of God Church in Contant at 7:00 PM 774-4904 Joseph Gomez Elementary School PTA will meet at 5:45 PM and the topic is human growth and development. 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM – UVI Small Business Development Center and the IRB are offering a workshop on Preparing your Business Tax at the Palm Count Harborview 8:30 PM – This is International Women’s Month and the Counseling and Placement Center of UVI is holding a series of workshops. Tonight at 8:30 PM there is a rap session for women at UVI East Hall – the theme is Women: Discover Our True Essence. Community Block Grant Hearings for the island of St. Croix, Legislative Conference Room, Frederiksted, St. Croix

Water Island Report

Welcome to David and Lynda Owens of Rhode Island on the occasion of their first visit to Water Island. They were actually expecting to find something.. Ha ha surprise to you.

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