Friday, March 20, 1998

US Virgin Islands

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Governor Schneider Signs Health Bills

The Governor announced that he has signed the three bills that deal with health insurance for the government workers. He ratified the insurance plan between the Government Employees Service Commission and Independent Blue Cross Blue Shield. 30,000 government works are eligible for the insurance and for new pharmacy cards.

The Governor is going to be on St. Croix at the DC Canegata ball park to dedicate the new energy efficient lighting at the ballpark. That’s at 5:30 PM today. The La Reine intersection on St. Croix has a new signal where Queen Mary highway meets Northside Road. That’s today at 10:00 AM. On Saturday, the Governor will be in Fortuna to dedicate the new Estate Fortuna road. The subdivision includes 123 quarter acre lots and some owners have already begun to build their homes. The new eleven thousand feet of road cost 1.8 million dollars.

Today’s Photo: Road Repaving on Frenchman’s Bay Road

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 84 Degrees at 2 PM Skies: Sunny, Occasional Cloud Chance of Showers: Slight to 10%: Water Temp: Perfect Whale Watch: No Whales spotted in Virgin Islands Waters Beach and Swimming Conditions: Perfect Sailing and Diving Conditions: World Class! Drinks: Ready for You!

News on the Drug War Front.

Government House and High Intensiity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force are going to add 15 new officers to combat drug trafficking in the Virgin Islands. The new positions will be funded with a combination of federal and local resources. Governor Schneider announced that he will support the effort with resources and make boats and personnel available to fight the drug business.

Governor Seeks Help for Nazareth Residents

Governor Schneider announced that he is asking the Housing Authority to find new housing for the displaced residents of the temporary housing in Nazareth. The temporary housing is scheduled to come down and there remain families in the housing. The Governor wants an estimate of the cost of restoring all the homes that were damaged in Hurricane Marilyn.

Equal E-mail for All

Senator Liburd is asking that the senate computer systems be made equal for all. The St. Thomas offices of the Senate have Internet access and e-mail but the St. Croix offices lack the computer equipment to make e-mail available to the St. Croix Senators. Liburd also notes that the Internet gives senators access to research facilities and the ability to interact with their counterparts in the States. It is another testament to the power of this new technology that Senator Liburd wants everyone to have equal access.

The Senate Rules Committee Has Nominations

The Senate Rules Committee will be meeting today with a long list of nominations to Boards and Commissions, we’ll monitor the session for you.

Flicks Has a Casting Call

Flicks productions is issuing a casting call for a local commercial they will be shooting soon. They are looking for attractive males ages 14 to 18 who can act or learn to act. The casting call is Monday at 4:00 PM at Flicks productions in Doctors Park.

Revisit Butler Bay

March 27th the Senate will hold hearings to hear about the state of the AT&T drilling site on Butler Bay St. Croix. There is 100,000 gallons of drilling mud to account for and the senators will also hear about the impact of the drilling mud on the conch, lobster and marine life.

Place is going to the Dogs.

The Police are making an effort to collect stray dogs in the Kirwin Terrace area. If your dog is missing, it may be at the humane society in Nadir and all dogs that aren’t claimed by April 3rd will be put to sleep. According to Virgin Islands Code, dogs are not permitted in public housing.


Tonight on We the People, Andre’s Guest are the commissioner and the assistant commissioner of agriculture Today is the deadline to return the village application they must be in today to be in the consideration for booth locations. The deadline for the toddlers derby is tomorrow. COAST is holding its annual meeting at 6pat the Chambers of the legislature. Lorraine Berry will deliver the keynote address. This is International Women’s Month and the Counseling and Placement Center of UVI is holding a rap session for women at UVI Recreation Center from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM This is Red Cross month. They have an introduction to disaster services on Saturday March 21st and Sports Safety class on March 21st. Rotary Clubs of St. Thomas and the Lions Clubs are holding a joint fellowship at Athena’s with proceeds going to the joint Health and Culture Expo All Rotarians and Lions are invited. Call Vinnie at 714-1909 There is a weapons amnesty tomorrow at Fort Christian Parking Lot – No questions asked. Make some good news get rid of a gun. 5:30 PM – CAHS Class of 1958 will meet at 5:30 PM at Windward Passage – Christiansted High School class of 1966 are meeting at Midland Bar and Restaurant – CAHS Class of 1976 will meet at the Daily News Conference Room at 6:00 PM with a guest speaker. 8:00 PM – UVI Jazz Ensemble hosts Charter Day Concert featuring legendary jazz great Stanley Turentine 8 p.m. Reichhold Center


NOTICE: The VI Housing Authority advises all its residents who have boarders living in their units as a result of Hurricane Marilyn or otherwise, that these boarders must immediately vacate the VIHA units. Effective March 31 all bona fide residents who have boarders in their units will be subject to eviction in accordance with the provisions of the Lease.

Water Island Report

Nothing! Isn’t it easy. Nothing ever happens – that’s paradise as it should be.

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