Tuesday, Jan. 30, 1996

US Virgin Islands 

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines 


Here’s an idea: mentors are meeting for the first time today at CAHS.

This new project will bring select young men together with adults who will serve as their mentors and guides. Mentors, mentees and parents you are meeting today at 5:30 in the CAHS cafeteria.

 Vitelco is burying some cables.

A fiber optic and a copper cable are being buried in the Bolongo Bay area and installing a new switch there. A copper cable is going underground along Mahogany Run Road.

 If you are self employed and confused about all the paperwork to get your taxes right.

Relax, the US Internal Revenue Service is hosting an open house on Thursday to show you the filing requirements and all the record keeping you need to know. Bureau of Internal Revenue staff will be on hand too.

FEMA wants to help more young people enter the trades, so they are offering a ten week course to teach the basics of the building trades.

FEMA also has a ten week course for professional builders all about the new building code. Good News Headlines is on the Internet courtesy of Cobex International, Go to WWW.USVI.NET

Community Notes:

  • Grand Palazzo Hotel has W-2 forms available for all employees in Human resources.
  • The Group Insurance Office is closed today and tomorrow for administrative training.
  • Charlotte Amalie HS seniors your Financial Aid Workshop is on today at 5:30
  • St. Thomas Rescue, your monthly meeting is on Thursday February 1st at 7 PM.
  • This Wednesday is the last day to register for Caribbean Dance School.

 The National Institute of Health has awarded a prestigious fellowship for research to Shekema Hodge.

She is currently studying at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Her professors say she is thriving. Shekema is a graduate of Eudora Kean HS and of UVI where she graduated Cum Laude in Biology. Now she is a reseach fellow, that is Shekema Hodge’s good news.