Friday, Jan. 19, 1996

US Virgin Islands 

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Are we going to have a lot of new construction around Magens Bay?

There was a meeting of Coastal Zone Management last night at the legislative chamber. A packed house heard representatives of Arden Development say their project will not effect Magens beach and there will be little run off. Residents said Arden had a cavalier disrespect for the land and they are worried about the run off clouding Magens Bay crystal Clear water. League of Women Voters representatives said the application to CZM should be rejected.

What is our phone number?

It looks like there are too many of us using 809 to all keep using it. Already Puerto Rico is getting a new number 787 and other islands are changing out of 809. Are we going to be the last ones to use the 809 number? Or are we going to get a new area code? Stay tuned.

Senator O’Neal at Convention.

Senator Bellardo De’O’Neil is in San Diego at the annual convention of the Republican Party. She is on the Rules Committee and will be involved with the planning of the Republican Party national Convention.

Taxi Law:

Public Works Commissioner Ann Abramson reminds taxi drivers that it is against the law to pick up passengers within 100 feet of a bus stop. She said the practice is eroding VITRAN’s ridership The commissioner also announced that VITRAN buses on the Tutu route will now enter the Mall to pick up passengers.

Foreign Sales Corporations:

The Virgin Islands association of Foreign Sales Corporations voted to endorse Senator Hansen’s bill that would change the tax provisions effecting them. They want the Virgin Islands to be competitive with other Caribbean islands in attracting and keeping foreign sales corporation.

Mentors Needed:

Senator Osbert Potter is looking for a few good men, not for the Marines, but for the CAHS mentorship program. Being a mentor means helping a specific young person see the value of education, giving them a window on success and letting them learn from you. Potter is calling for CAHS alumni to come get involved with the young men in the school give some guidance. There is a training workshop call CAHS and ask for Jeanette Smith.

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Today’s events:

Traditional Moko Jumbies are meeting at Ruby’s by the Sea Friday at 6:30. SPARKS is meeting Friday at 6 PM in the Legislature Chambers. All teenagers are invited to attend. They are beginning their 1996 Awareness Campaign featuring a panel of religious leaders.

Magazine Stories:

The Virgin Islands were featured in Travel Weekly in the January 15th issue. The We Will Rise poster was on the cover and there are three stories in the magazine about how our tourism industry rebounded after the storm. Other magazines with stories on us are, Skin Diver, Outbound Traveler, Caribbean Today and Frommer’s.

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