Friday, Jan. 12, 1996

US Virgin Islands 

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines 


Senator Gomez is mad at American Airlines

The current issue of their American way magazine carries a story about St. Thomas that says some truly awful things about us. Gomez wants to know why American, a major air carrier to these islands, is printing stories that will make tourists go elsewhere.

Emergency Meeting For Senate

Senator Gomez is also calling an emergency meeting of the Senate committee on education on Wednesday. The construction date for the modular classrooms has been pushed back again. She wants to know when we are going to have school rooms for our kids.

Veto For Delinquent Tax Payers

The senate reversed the governors veto of an amnesty period for delinquent tax payers. If you are delinquent on your taxes, you have six months to pay your taxes without interest and penalties, but only if you pay the taxes.

Senator Petrus Override Reemployment Bill

Senator Petrus led the senate in an override of the governors veto of the re- employment bill. This means that workers laid off after the hurricane must be rehired at their previous status and pay.

Carnival Jump Start

Carnival will be a bit different this year. First the committee is moving to a new office so they can work all year, there will be music at the airport to get visitors in the mood on arrival and there will be more decoration at more sites around the island.

Governor Nominated Two Members For Board Of Trustees

The Governor nominated two new member to the University Board of Trustees. Bernard Paiewonski and Jeffery Prosser have been nominated, now, they must now be confirmed by the senate.

No Cruise Ship Fire Plan

The Territory was faulted for not having a plan to combat a fire on a cruise ship. The governor met with the all relevant parties thie week to begin formulating a comprehensive plan for ship board fires.

No Main Street Mall

Its Friday and there is no Main Street Mall. The Mall idea has been discontinued until further notice and that means you can no longer park on the apron alongside Veterans Drive.

The French Are Coming…

The French ship coming, thanks to Virgin Islands residents who helped the French West Indies is holding a reception today at 6:30 aboard the Frances Garnier at Crown Bay.

Gun Safty Training

Wade Enterprises is sponsoring gun safety training this Sunday at the gun Range starting at 2:30.

New Furniture Store Opens

City Furniture announces that they are having the grand opening of a new furniture store in the CitiBank building on the waterfront. The news is, this is not like any other furniture store. So go see for yourself.

Muller Students Explore the Internet

Students at the Muller School got to take a trip on the information superhighway this week as Regina Vanderpool’s fifth grade class worked on a computer program called Hyperstudio and created their own computer presentations that included color photographs. That taste of modern technology is Muller schools good news today.